Kelt, LLC, was founded in 2012 by Edward (Ed) J. Chadwick who began his career in 1984 as a Producer specializing in Commercial Transportation Insurance. He later took over his father’s agency and has spent the past 34 years making a name for himself in the Motor Carrier insurance arena.


With a solid brand presence and stellar reputation, Ed felt a calling to focus his efforts on correcting what he saw was a deficiency within the commercial insurance industry. Not only was there a simple lack of quality customer service throughout insurance agencies, but companies with pristine driver records were constantly burdened by unnecessarily high premiums. Unlike personal auto insurance, where one’s premium is based on that person’s specific driving history, Commercial auto insurance rates are determined by the size of the company (for example, 1-10 trucks or 100+ trucks) and allow no “reward” for good drivers. Which means a company that continues to have zero violations/claims might continue to pay the same amount, or more, every year for their premium if other companies in that same category continue to have moving violations and/or claims. Ed thought a company’s insurance premium should be based on that company’s driving history/experience, and a truck company with insurance needs should be treated with respect, no matter how many (or few) trucks they owned.


This all led to the formation of KELT, LLC. Initially a wholesale provider catering to clients with hard-to- place risk, KELT soon evolved into a full-service, Risk Management Solutions, agency. Call Ed today, and let him share with you what he believes is a better solution to just selling commercial insurance.



Risk Management is about solving the problems that lead to higher insurance premiums rather than just focusing on obtaining lower premiums. We offer a comprehensive range of services that include reviewing your current policy to identify areas of need to assisting with loss prevention services, which include driver file evaluations and conducting safety reviews that are DOT compliant.



Because our goal is simple…to help you lower your risk which will result in lower insurance costs. What sets us apart from other agencies is the level of care and types of programs we offer our clients.



We are currently partnered with a select group of markets to offer comprehensive of the types of coverages available to your company. Whether you have 1 truck or 100+ trucks, we will determine the best fit based on your specific needs.



Our team has successfully managed MILLIONS of commercial fleet vehicles over the past 34 years. That longevity has its perks, as we have the experience to determine the best course of action to limit your risk exposure which drives down premium costs while also improving productivity. We stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technology for managing commercial vehicles and pass along this knowledge to you!




Our Risk Management Solutions Program takes things to the next level by offering personalized Claim Summary Reports (CSRs), Risk Analysis Overview, and Monthly Monitoring Services. Call today to discover a different way of insuring your equipment!

Part of KELT’s Risk Management Solutions program is providing our clients with a Claims Summary Report (“CSR”). This in-depth analysis looks at a variety of information (ie a company’s previous 5-year Loss Runs; any/all conventional insurance costs, such as premiums & deductibles, incurred during that time; and yearly equipment lists) to provide a company with statistical analyses/graphs highlighting areas of need to help identify/implement Risk Management goals.



We offer this to single and multi-truck companies. No business is too small or too big! This program contains many different insurance plans for your specific motor carrier needs.

Auto liability, Cargo, General liability, Physical Damage, and Umbrella coverages available.



This program is designed for 100+ unit fleets that can accept a layer of exposure with a minimum retention of $25,000 (higher retentions available for qualified clients/subject to financial review). We recently partnered with an Elite Solutions provider whose program could significantly down premiums.

Subject to additional considerations, this program is tailor-made for our elite customers.



We provide this option to other agents seeking coverage for clients with hard to place motor-carrier risk. To access these benefits, agents can register at

Cargo and Physical Damage coverages only.



Life has taught us that sometimes, it’s all about who you know. We decided to put our 34 years of experience to work by developing a network of qualified Buyers and motivated Sellers. If you are interested in selling your company, or perhaps you are looking to grow your current business, we can help. We facilitate finding Buyers for Sellers and vice versa. From the beginning, we manage expectations by generating a Non-Disclosure Agreement and a Broker Services Agreement before going to work to see what types of opportunities are available to you.




We will be offering private (one company only) and group (multi-company) sales agent training sessions that are geared to teaching the fundamentals of sales. Proctored by Ed Chadwick, this refreshing course will focus on what makes a great agent. Ed’s unique approach is both inspirational and enlightening. Classes will be offered (tentatively) every quarter, and each 3 hour session includes complimentary lunch. Details to follow.

KELT…the better way to go.



Ed Chadwick, Owner/President                                      Direct: 509.571.9125        Cell: 509.833.7880

Angela Marie Long, Producer/Licensed Agent      Direct: 509.571.9126        Cell: 509.833.1132


“Helping you take control of the things you can control.”